Rajesh Kumar- The dazzling new world of modern commercial photography

Rajesh Kumar (Digital Media, e-commerce & Photography)

November 04: Modern photography is so much a part of today’s very visual culture. This is a highly innovative, competitive field in which talent matters, a lot. You’re competing with experts in any field, from commercial to studio to artistic photography.

That competition, in fact, is why modern photography is such a profound personal and artistic adventure and a journey of true discovery. This is an incredibly versatile medium. Anything, anyone, and any environment can be created.

At its highest tiers, photography is both an art form and a science. Whatever the field of photography, from technical to artistic, there’s always that “aesthetic of the moment”, a unique image caught in time and space.

Commercial photography is where these many elements come together. You can be taking pictures of celebrities, products, or even news events. You have a vast palette from which to work for your images.

There’s a logic to this. Because this is commercial photography, both photographers and publishers raise the quality bar for aesthetics and functional imagery. Your creative skills will get a workout, and you’ll develop technical skill sets you may never have imagined.

The range of subjects in commercial photography is another factor. Everyone has seen the seemingly endless array of features, overlays, and composite images in advertising, for example. This is part of the general move to a more functional type of imagery with added information.

The image processing is coordinated in publication design, marketing, and all aspects of commercial photography. What you see is integral to the whole commercial process. This really is the core of all commercial digital media.

Experience matters above all else in commercial photography. This is a very demanding market. You need to have the commercial instincts. You need to speak the language of the market. Efficiency and a good mix of digital skills are essentials.

There’s a trade-off in this environment. Your skills and personal knowhow are your ticket to success. You can use your creative ideas as your stock in trade.

Rajesh Kumar

That’s where Rajesh Kumar comes in. He’s a past master of the trade with a long history in commerce.

Try this for a personal skill set with proven experience:

  • International digital marketing management experience
  • Multigenerational online advertising, SEO and SEM experience.
  • Skilled multi-market photographer for many years.
  • Social media influencer on Instagram.

This is a picture of someone who brings a lot of value as a commercial image manager. As a professional photographer, he speaks the commercial and technical languages fluently. As an SEO and SEM expert, he speaks the commercial language and knows a lot of diverse markets.

This is a sort of How To manual and a map for modern photographers trying to enter the field. Learn the processes. Explore your creativity. Take the time to diversify your range into as many markets as possible.

The bottom line is you grow your skills, expand your skill sets, and you learn (and earn) from the environment. It’s an ongoing process. You’ll love it.

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