The Divine Star Protection Pendant Clears Negative energies & Raises Positive Energy & for a Healthy & Happy Life

New Delhi (India), December 22:  The Divine Star Protection Pendant empowers individuals with peace of heart and mind by helping them overcome Negativity. It gives the wearer of the pendant a boost of positive energy to help them attract positive Results. Thus, helping the individual draw from the power of positivity the essence of living their best life.

From offering psychological and emotional benefits, such as the alleviation of traumatic feelings and cleansing of one’s negative emotions; spiritual benefits, like the establishment of a divine connection and increasing one’s creative visualization; intellectual benefits, such as rejuvenating the creative paradigm; to physiological benefits, such as re-energizing the body and strengthening the immune system, this intricately designed pendant offers well-rounded protection from Negativity and Negative Energies.

What makes The Divine Star pendant so unique is the fact that it is the only black gemstone with 4 ray asterism. Even in its 4-ray asterism, it is unique because the star reflections are not formed at a 90-degree angle like most other gemstones.

The Divine Star pendant helps energize an individual by offering the owner protection from negative energy, blood-related disorders, asthma, lung infections, and more chronic infections. It is excellent for boosting overall health, promoting good healing power, increasing the human body’s immunity, and promoting good and peaceful sleep.

Every Divine Star pendant from the brand comes with a unique Gemstone Identification Certificate and a unique QR code from the International Gems & Jewellery Laboratories. It is Set with a Natural Gemstone that has not undergone any treatment. It has been polished to give a unique lustrous look.

Owning a pendant like the Divine Star Protection Pendant is a privilege. A four-pointed white star etched into an inky black background makes it seem like a shining star in the dark.

This Unique patented designer piece of Jewellery highlights Ten Ancient symbols of Protection that have a unique significance.

These are “The Eye of Horus”, “Solar Cross”, “Mars Sign”, “Hamsa Hand ”, “Pentacle”, “Nazar Boncugu”, “Triquetra”, “Bind Rune”, “Hexagram”, and “Crossed Spears.

Over the years, the Gemstone pendant from The Divine Star has helped thousands of customers build a positive mindset, spread good Energy, and live a great life.

“I am a doctor by profession and didn’t simply believe in these things. One of my friends suggested the pendant because she saw how stressed I was at work. I feel more relaxed and calm now, I don’t know how this thing works, but it works. Great product by design and originality,” says Dr. Naresh, one of the pendant’s owners. 

The Divine star’s Protection Pendant:
1. Removes & protects us from Negativity and Negative energies.
2. Protects us from low-energy thoughts and emotions.
3. It Helps us vibrate at higher frequencies, thereby attracting more success.
4. Removes negative people from your life, creates a shield of protection (Aura) around you, and creates immense positivity because of its Magical properties of para magnetism and crystal structure.

Everyone aged above 8 years should wear this pendant. It can be worn with a thread, a gold chain, a silver chain, etc. It can even be kept in a purse, wallet, handbag, or other personal belongings. The jewellery is made with a special imported alloy mixed with other elements to increase the effectiveness of the Gemstone’s power.

Using Clean water for cleaning the pendant is sufficient. You can learn more about this pendant through their website here.

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