International Women’s Day: Powerful Women Leaders Transforming the Norms of the Business Industry

New Delhi (India), March 9: In this modern era of women’s empowerment, women are pursuing their aspirations and speaking up for themselves. Influential women are breaking societal standards to go further, accomplish more, and rewrite the rules. We are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting the extraordinary abilities of women for their creativity, resiliency, and strong-willed personalities that have created an impact on society at large. These strong, independent women are expressing these strong viewpoints, and it’s time for you to be inspired too.

Ms. Priyanka Gulati, Partner – Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, Independent Director – SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Krishna Ishizaki Auto Limited & Talbros Automotive Components Limited, New Delhi

My seven-year-old, to my surprise, refused to play cricket with me, stating that ‘women don’t play cricket’. Where did this come from? I’ve been a speaker and writer about women’s empowerment all my life, supported by my husband, elder son, and in-laws, so what was the source of these thoughts? It was enough that we had to fight for equality at work and now at home.

I write this because many times, unknowingly, we leave footprints in the minds of young minds through our acts. So, this Women’s Day, let’s not just celebrate the day but ensure we remove biases. After all, the only boundary that should exist is that on the field.

Ms. Sandhya Prithvi, Founder – Rainbow Creations, Director- Rainbow Kids Day Care and Early Learning Centre, Bengaluru

As a POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) enabler, I take pride in creating a safe workplace for women and empowering more women to get out and work with free mud. With the growing emphasis on gender equality, women are increasingly taking up the mantle of entrepreneurship, paving the way for more inclusive and diverse business ventures.

Being a woman entrepreneur gives me a great sense of happiness and fulfilment; it has allowed me to pursue my passions and interests and the ability to make a positive impact in the world. To all the women thinking about taking that plunge: First, three cheers to you! Develop a solid business plan, Stay focused and adaptable. Accept failure, form a strong team, remember to take care of yourself, and keep your chin up and smile no matter what.

Ms. Bharati Nathwani, Co-Founder & CEO – Millennia Digital Ventures LLP, Director – Darsh Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

I am proud to be a female entrepreneur who co-founded Darsh Infotech nearly two decades ago and now building Millennia Digital Ventures for new-age businesses & consumers. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have always believed in breaking the glass ceiling. At Darsh Infotech, we provide IT support, consulting, and customized development of software products. Our company’s consultative sales approach, which emphasizes customer workshops and the “Design Thinking” approach, has helped us stand out from other firms. We prioritize understanding our customer’s unique business requirements and helping them find the right solutions that align with their budget and long-term needs. It has driven our customer satisfaction and success.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and successes I have achieved as a woman entrepreneur and the people associated with me throughout my journey.

Dr. Shital Somani Kasat, Co-Founder and Head of International Business – S4S Technologies, Mumbai

Nothing is quite like the bond you share with your team, and today, we are all family to each other; I never feel alone anywhere. S4S works with rural women to provide them with local-level entrepreneurship opportunities staying home. These rural women farmers turned S4S Micro-Entrepreneurs (MEs) are the key pillar of the S4S business model. However, our generation of women faces the dual pressures of career and home, which is challenging. The team won the Dell Social Innovation Challenge, and it was a turning point; my family started believing in our work.

Shital, the mother of a six-year-old, has learned to build support systems for her spouse and their families and to offer help. She explained her work to her son. A scientist inspired by all the entrepreneurial mothers has figured out that being the best at everything is never possible or needed. “Being good is often good enough!” she signs off.

Ms. Devanshi Deva, CEO and Founder – Trugreen Agribiotic India Pvt Ltd, Madhya Pradesh

As a young woman working with herbal and cannabis extracts, I am familiar with the sceptical looks of policymakers, competent medical professionals, and accomplished researchers. It’s challenging to overcome the attitude towards Ayurvedic bhang or cannabis-based medicine. Age and gender won’t hold us back!

My father said it best: with passion, you can bring back age-old Ayurvedic cannabis medicines, helping millions manage their pain, sleep better, and soothe their anxiety and depression. And when you achieve that, our bank account will start looking like a phone number!

Women, it’s time to unleash our fierce and unstoppable potential, push our boundaries, and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. This Women’s Day and every day after that, let’s show the world what we’re made of!

Ms. Sheeja Shaju, Speaker and Leadership Coach, Co-Founder – The Women of Vision, Founder & CEO – I Create Coaching, Pune

A woman is a force of nature! She has the power inside her waiting to be revealed and unleashed! Women provide, nurture, love and lead teams, organizations and even countries. And yet years of conditioning have made many doubt their capabilities and potential. The eminent need is for women to shift their mindset about themselves.

The Women of Vision started as a leadership program and, in a short span, has become a hub for high-potential women to learn to change their mindset and grow beyond what they thought possible. I enable my coachees to learn to realign themselves to their goals after any setback and become unstoppable! Reach out for support from others and organizations like us. You don’t need to do it alone!

Ms. Rashi Khanna, Founder & CEO -KYAA MATLAB NETWORK, SHEERAA I Ra by Rashi Foundation, Kyaa Matlab Voice Network, Podcaster I Speaker, Gurgaon

Empathy brings us the goodness we seek. Rashi Khanna, Founder & CEO of KYAA MATLAB NETWORK, is an entrepreneur, empath, skilled podcaster & vlogger. Rashi has found success by following the adage of always listening to her heart, as the brain is selfish. It kills hyper-empathy, so it is best to avoid it.

As the chair of the Ra by Rashi Foundation, she has always believed that integrity and consciousness go to the grave, so keep it clean. “She shares her real story to sell more”; is one strategy she employs for herself as a brand and marketing expert. People connect with stories, and as a result, her e-magazine SHEERAA is growing. Suffering is real, so always be kind—that is her life mantra.

Ms. S. Usha Rani, Founder – I Hear You School, Psychologist, Therapist, Director and Child Counselor – CreativeKidz, Bengaluru

Usha Rani is one such person who started her career as a certified psychologist and child therapist at the age of 50, during the height of the pandemic. S. Usha Rani’s late start in her career has not held her back. She sees it as an edge, bringing a wealth of life experience and wisdom to her work.

My age has given me a unique perspective on life and on the challenges that people face. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use my expertise, proficiency, and the right acumen of a child’s behaviour to help and bring about change in the parenting community.

Usha Rani is a shining example of how it’s never too late to start something new and follow your dreams.

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