Blubein is launching its Nutraceutical D2C line of products

New Delhi (India), April 1: Blubein is launching its Nutraceutical D2C line of products formulated to support overall health and wellness. With over 23 years of pharmaceutical expertise, the supplements are developed and backed by highly qualified scientists, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficacy.

Blubein manufactures its products in FDA-registered facilities and GMP-regulated labs which are certified by the WHO, this guarantees that all of the company’s products are made to the highest possible standards of purity.

We are committed to using only the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients and following the blue initiative to reduce our environmental impact.We would like to create a positive impact in this space where preventive health over restoring health is the priority as it can add life to your years, is a statement given by the Co-Founder Rithish Krishnan.

In addition to its commitment to quality and sustainability, Blubein also supports vegan and plant-based products. The company recognizes that many consumers are looking for plant-based alternatives to traditional nutritional supplements, so they have a range of products to cater for those needs too.

In this busy world where everything is easily accessible at the tap of a button, a healthy lifestyle is not, and that must be the No.1 priority. 

Blubein’s Products 

Vitamin C++ Tablets

  • A combination of Vitamin C,D,E,Zinc and Curcumin, making it a perfect immunity booster. 100% Vegan 

Pre & Probiotic Capsules

  • A superior formula with 3.5 billion probiotics and 9 probiotic types with added prebiotics.100% Vegan 

Ashwagandha Tablets

  • An organic extract with 5% Withanolides. 100% Vegan 

Mega Omega 3 Capsules

  • The Mega Omega 3-1250 mg Capsule is a superior formula containing the extracts of Peruvian Anchovies with 450mg EPA & 300mg DHA 

Multivitamin++ Tablets

  • Its a Premium product in the lineup as it contains 37 Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Natural Extracts. Formulated with everything that your body absolutely needs. 

ACV++ Effervescent Tablets

  • Its a unique combination of Apple cider vinegar + Pomegranate extract containing Vitamin B6 & B12. Plant based, Vegan and Sugar Free. 

Electrolyte+ Effervescent Tablets

  • Energy Boosting, Hydrating and Refreshing Lemon Flavored. Plant Based & Vegan product. 

Gloww+ Gummies

  • Biotin with a combination of other essential nutrients provides exceptional support for a healthy Hair, Skin and Nails.

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