Extrepreneur – a new term for limitless founders

New Delhi (India), May 20: As the competitive landscape between global giants intensifies with the easy access to talent pool and resources, the new start-up founders have started thinking beyond their domestic markets- even from the nascent stage of their operations. These limitless founders, with a global mindset, doing business beyond their native countries are termed as ‘Extrepreneurs’, a term coined by D Globalist, a Global Business Mobility Accelerator and a pioneer in building the concept of entrepreneur mobility.

If a domestic business was to be asked about its closest competition a decade ago, the answer in most of the cases would be ‘another local company’. The answer would however be different in the present world- with more and more companies focusing on bringing ease of services to their customers- without the need of a local permanent establishment. Considering the accelerated growth witnesses by these tech-driven industries, the competition is now not limited to the local companies but has been extended to these new era of entrepreneurs with cross-border capabilities

The inflection point for many of the successful companies is their ability to operate in multiple jurisdictions with minimum cost and maximum resources. These extrepreneurs led ventures work with an aggressive yet calculative approach when it comes to doing business in alien jurisdictions.  Notably, the top three countries creating highest number of these extrepreneurs are India, China & USA.

According to the research conducted by National Foundation for American Policy (NAFP), more than half of the US unicorns have at least one founder coming from India.  While the billion-dollar club of founders is diverse, India leads the chart with 66 Indian origin extrepreneurs, followed by Israel origin extrepreneurs with 54 unicorns on their name. Remarkably, the collective value of the 319 unicorns in the US with extrepreneur founders was estimated to be more than $1.2 trillion.

Similarly, Canada being one of the most favorable countries for extrepreneurs has more than 250,000 foreign founders led businesses, which accounts for over 40% of the total new businesses. Some of the prominent names of extrepreneurs in Canada include Aldo Bensadoun, born in Morocco, who founded the renowned ALDO Group; Ajay Virmani, born in India, who is the President and CEO of Cargojet, the largest cargo airline in Canada.

The statistics for United Kingdom (UK), are also similar with more than 49% of the its fastest-growing startups founded by extrepreneurs.  With a total contribution of more than £3.7bn in investments, majority of the startup unicorns in the UK have at least one foreign born founder. These extrepreneurs hail from over 29 different countries and five different continents, and thus have led to creation of cultural diversity & inclusivity in the UK’s startup ecosystem.

The UK top 100 start-up chart contains majority of the founders from US, followed by France, India, Russia, Germany, Australia, Ireland and Sweden. Some of the extrepreneurs led startups that are gaining traction in the UK include Signal AI, engaged in AI driven business intelligence, co-founded by Spanish born Miguel Martinez; Cydar, a South African extrepreneur led start-up engaged in augmenting image-guided surgery using computer vision, AI, and cloud computing.

There are numerous such examples of successful extrepreneurs, who once took the leap of faith by leaving the comfort in their home country to make a difference. The success stories of these founders have encouraged developed economies to provide inclusive immigration policies focusing on innovative businesses which can benefit their nations by job creation and bridging the technological gaps. These programs are commonly known as Start-up Visas.

The concept of Start-up Visa originated in Chile, with the launch of its Start-up Chile program in 2010, followed by the the erstwhile Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa of UK & Start-up Entrepreneur Programme of Ireland in 2012.  These programs paved the way for extrepreneurs in many other nations, with over 35 countries now offering their residency to extrepreneurs.

“Numerous job creation, clubbed by the socio-economic benefits created with the ability to solve micro and macro problems prevailing in certain geographies, are the two key factors compelling more and more nations to have liberal start-up visa policies for extrepreneurs. The new era undeniably belongs to these bright valiant founders who are not limited by geographies and do not have physiological borders.” Says Divesh Sharma, CEO, D Globalist.

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