Morari Bapu calls on Indians to proudly embrace the Hindu identity at Ram Katha event at Cambridge

Cambridge (UK), August 21: Noted spiritual leader and exponent of the Ram Charita Manas, Morari Bapu has urged followers of the Hindu religion to embrace their Hindu identity with pride and chant the holy name of Lord Ram.

Speaking at the ongoing Ram Katha event at the University of Cambridge, Morari Bapu asked followers of Sanatan Hindu Dharma to shed any reluctance and proclaim their identity with confidence.

“In the whole world, wherever there are Indians and whatever field that you might be from, why is there hesitation to pronounce the name of Ram and that you are a Hindu,” he asserted.

Drawing attention to the statement by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who while speaking at the Ram Katha on August 15, expressed his pride in being both a Hindu and British, Morari Bapu questioned why others should hesitate in doing the same.

“We are proud, we belong to the Santana Dharma of Hinduism. And why not! (Rishi) Sunak ji, who is the current British Prime Minster, said yesterday that he had come here as a Hindu. Why are all of you so ashamed (of the Hindu identity)?” Bapu asked.

“I felt good that Rishi Sunak honoured us with his presence. He chanted Jai Siya Ram twice. I welcome it. If a world leader like him can proudly identify as a Hindu and chant Jai Siya Ram twice, why should any other Hindus be reluctant?”

“Gandhi ji had said that he was a Hindu. Swami Vivekananda had said that there is this largesse of Hinduism,” he emphasised.

Bapu stressed that being a Hindu is synonymous with open-mindedness and broad acceptance and remarked that the tenets of Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma stretch wider than the vast sky.

Morari Bapu also reiterated the significance of chanting the revered name of Lord Ram.

A tireless advocate for the teachings of Lord Ram and the wisdom contained within Ram Charita Manas, Morari Bapu shared his conviction that Lord Ram’s essence cannot be confined to any one portrayal.

“Our Rama transcends mere boundaries, his divinity knows no limits,” he resolutely asserted.

Highlighting the cultural influence and respect India has garnered on the global stage, Morari Bapu said he traverses the world sharing the beauty of Indian traditions and the way the world looks upon India and its cultural heritage has changed.

“Through meaningful dialogues and genuine influence, we can truly realise the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or the world is one family,” he added.

During his visit to Morari Bapu’s Ram Katha on Indian Independence Day, Rishi Sunak, the first Hindu and the first person of Indian origin to become the British Prime Minister, chanted Jai Siya Ram twice. He also said that he was at the Ram Katha not as a prime minister but as a Hindu. Prime Minister Sunak said that he was proud to be British and proud to be Hindu and also recalled his visits to temples and participation in rituals like havans, pujas, artis, and distribution of prasad with his family.

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